Mac os x erase couldnt unmount disk

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  1. How to Fix Disk Utility Errors via Mac Recovery Partition
  2. Trying to erase Apple Macbook. How do I unmount the disk? : techsupport
  3. 3 Ways to Fix ‘Couldn’t Unmount Disk’ Error

How to Fix Disk Utility Errors via Mac Recovery Partition

And, consider using an SSD instead of a hard drive. You will see a considerable increase in performance, better than when it was brand new. Firstly - I don't need internet recovery, because firstly i want to erase the hard drive, and SMART status says its verified and the hard drive is working. It says "Cant Unmount". I have given a lot of information and i have included that. Thanks for your gracious response, but I seldom, if ever "cut and paste" here - I was only suggesting an alternate plan that SHOULD work, despite your annoyance with that suggestion.

Trying to erase Apple Macbook. How do I unmount the disk? : techsupport

You can choose to ignore that suggestion, fine with me The reason I suggested Internet Restore is that generally takes local effects out of the way. Boot to the USB installer. Run Disk Utility from that. Select your hard drive not the named partition , then the Partition tab, Click on the Partition Layout dropdown list. Choose 1 Partition from the drop down, then click Apply. Dec 12, Go to recovery or the install image and jump into terminal.

Why does Macintosh HD not mounted/showing in Disk Utility?

Type: diskutil cs list If it displays a bunch of stuff and doesn't say something along the lines of 'no core storage volumes found,' then you have to break up the Core Storage logical volume group first. If there were no core storage volumes found in the first place Type: diskutil list From here identify your internal disk identifier. It should and usually always is disk0. If this does not work Type: diskutil unmountdisk force disk0 Again using disk0 or whatever you found above. If none of this works, post back and I'll give you something more advanced to try.

Disk Erase Failed with the error: Couldn't unmount disk - FIX Mac

DeltaMac said:. Last edited: Dec 12, There's almost always multiple choices for repairs. Some end up actually helping. Your guidance worked wonders. Clear documentation.

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Got my Fusion drive working properly again. You have no idea how happy I am I stumbled across this article. Hi Jamie, I just wanted to let you know that this is still incredibly useful — the only solution I could find anywhere that actually did the trick. My restoration from TimeCapsule was stuck while erasing the destination Fusion disk. These instructions were excellent and fixed the problem.

Thank-you to Jamie Flournoy.

3 Ways to Fix ‘Couldn’t Unmount Disk’ Error

I recommend adding a small correction in step 6 because my empty Fusion disk was hidden: change the View in Disk Utilities to show all disks not just volumes only. This because when I try to launch the SOS recovery on the Fusion Drive it remain stucked without doing anything, so I created the volume in the terminal. Amazingly helpful article and, like so many of the other comments here, this is the only solution that I could find that actually worked. My Mac Mini with fusion drive is up and running again — thanks so much.

Your email address will not be published. Run diskutil cs list. This deletes the logical volume group. After trying a few things — finding and killing a fsck process which had a handle on it worked for me:. Not sure. This was the set up before the problem:. As you can see — the MyBook Duo is using a thunderbolt connecter which is pretty solid, and the WD Elements is using the USB hub connector, which sits quite loosely in the port, and can cause connetion and hence power loss if jiggled. And also look again at Blu Ray backups. A tale of a brand new disk drive, a 2TB backup, a disk failure and finally a recovery… I recently bought a 4TB Western Digital Elements external drive in the Black Friday sales to add to add to my backup family.

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