How to close all ports on mac

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  1. List open files = lsof
  2. Close the ports
  3. How to kill a process by port on MacOS, a la fuser -k /tcp - Super User

List open files = lsof

Kris Kris 1 3 I just had to add -9 to the end to get this to work, but I believe that is due to the nature of the listening application and not generally recommended practice, to kill -9 that is. Kris - lsof -P grep ': Jan 18 '13 at NumberOfPort xargs kill Zlemini Zlemini 2 3.

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Works and is more concise than the accepted answer! Eilisha Shiraini 2, 1 9 Epk Epk 1.

Close the ports

Check your port is open or not by sudo lsof -i: Close the port by killing process PID sudo kill -9 Thirumal Thirumal Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I use lsof combined with kill , as mentioned above; but wrote a quick little bash script to automate this process.

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With this script, you can simply type killport from anywhere, and it will kill all processes running on port For example, say this process holds port TCP, then running the command:. In this case, procHoldingPort is the name of the process that opened the port, is its pid, and note that it is TCP is the port number it holds which you wish to close. As others mentioned here out, if that doesn't work you can try using kill with -9 as an argument:.

When the program that opened the port exits, the port will be closed automatically. If you kill the Java process running this server, that should do it.

Just remember to change the port number in last line. I found the reference here.

By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. How do I close an open port from the terminal on the Mac? Ask Question. Barmar k 36 How did you open that port? It is not clear whether you are talking about opening and closing the ports in the java application or from the firewall.

How to kill a process by port on MacOS, a la fuser -k /tcp - Super User

Ram Patra Future Future 5, 1 23 Sending -9 should not be the first attempt to kill a process, and it a very bad habit. As I recall, you should first just use kill PID which implies , then try -2 and You can also just kill the process that has the port open. If you want to find out what process has a port open, try this: To find the process try: If not, try: Again depending on how you opened the port, this may not matter. XtraSimplicity XtraSimplicity 2, 1 18 You saved my day. For some reason lsof in combination with kill didn't return anything and made my script hang on macOS Sierra.

But killport works like a charm and is faster.

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You can also use this first command to kill a process that owns a particular port: Then kill the process, following the above example: