Windows emulator for mac os x 10.4.11

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  1. Windows emulation on Power Mac G5?
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It's about 20 minutes on a fast connection. Enjoy, John. Very well done. Thank you. I have downloaded and installed your wonderful little present.. I also get a message that says "The result of a numeric operation was too large" should I worry about that? I'm going through all this trauma just to be able to run Claris Homepage and a wonderful little game called War of Flowers.

Unfortunately SheepSaver just doesn't work. You can't write to any drive, you can't read any of your drives, you can't read firewire drives.

Windows emulation on Power Mac G5?

It's just Let me just highlight the circular logic every single Sheep Saver instruction page seems more than happy to gloss over: Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. What you need: You can get OS 7. E-Maculation has a downloadable OS 7.

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A Mac ROM. These extractors are themselves Classic apps, so you'll need access to a Mac capable of running Classic or older to get the ROMs. To run SS or B2 under Windows, you'll also need: Just extract the contents of the downloaded files into the same directory as the SS and B2. Additional emulators exist, but I haven't tried them: Executor and SoftMac. Both run under Windows. Executor is commercial, but does not require a ROM. I'm running MacOS X Basilisk runs for me using either System 7.

But, that is not without difficulties. Using SS 2. Both B2 and SS read a variety of disk image types, including dmg, cdr, img, smi, and hfv. If you get an.

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Older Mac systems pre If that is a problem, you may have to create a disk image with Disk Utility then erase and reformat it you can only specify the disk format when you erase the disk, not when you first create it. Startup disk images made outside of B2 and SS are not always recognized by B2 and SS as valid startup disks the System folder doesn't have the Mac system icon badge on it.

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  • Starting up with a different disk eg, an installer CD or the starter disk image mentioned above , and mounting the problematic startup disk image in B2 or SS, then simply opening its System folder fixes this. Mounting the disk image on a Mac booted into Classic would probably also work. Both B2 and SS crash not infrequently eg, when editing some folder names, using some command key combos, and during other seemingly innocuous activities.

    Save often.

    There is an option to mount a host-OS folder as a disk inside the emulator, to make file exchange easy. This feature is a bit buggy, too, so if you do this, don't make your root OS X user directory the shared folder. I use a disk image to transfer files but mounting disk images in both the host OS and in the emulator simultaneously is risky, so don't do that either!

    You might also consider keeping your Classic applications on a separate disk image from the startup disk image. There are how-to's scattered on the Web for B2 and SS. E-Maculation is a good place to start. They also run forums for support questions.

    How to run PearPc on Mac

    Good luck! The ROM downloads linked in this hint are all provided by Apple, they are not pirated versions. I have not tested this one. If you are going to do so, I recommend a good backup first, just in case. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. GaelicWizard on May 22, '06 JP Pell [ Reply to This ]. Any way to use 9. Authored by: I'm curious what essential Classic apps folks are still running. Thanks [ Reply to This ]. RickoKid on May 17, '06 Future Cop Authored by: Yeah, games are about all I ever run in Classic, too!

    Boodlums on May 20, '07 David Grant on May 24, '06 Pre-built SheepShaver setup for download Authored by: John Rethorst on Mar 13, '07 Enjoy, John [ Reply to This ]. PicklePumpers on Mar 23, '10 Search Advanced. From our Sponsor Latest Mountain Lion Hints Click here for complete coverage of Lion on Macworld.

    Download Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac Version Update from Official Microsoft Download Center

    User Functions Username: Kerlix Kerlix 1 7 Can you provide the model number of the MacBook? Since it's running I can try, but my memory is that the issue with that was there not being enough space on the hard drive for it. I'm fine with wiping the Yosemite drive, if this would work. Kerlix, I've not tried it. But theoretically it should. I don't know the limitations of PearPC and what features aren't implemented, sometimes DRM dongles can be a pain with emulation.

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